Anour - Saffron & Shea Vegan Face Soap

Rs. 380.00

Anour - Saffron & Shea Vegan Face Soap

Rs. 380.00

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Product description

Vegan face soap Saffron & Shea, Anour's vegan and cold-processed soaps, including the Saffron & Shea soap, are handmade using plant-derived ingredients. The Saffron & Shea soap, in particular, contains pure saffron, which helps brighten the complexion.

vegan face soap Saffron & Shea also helps reducing acne & its marks. The soap not only cleanse your face but also gives you a glowy & healthy skin. The soap is enriched with moisturising oils & butters to make your skin feel silky smooth after wash.

  • Size :100gms


Aqua, Saffron, Shea butter, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Canola oil, Lye.

How To Use

Rub on your face with water to create lather. Massage gently onto the face & rinse it off.

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