BON - Organic Face Toner - Jasmine Water - (Pack of 2)

Rs. 386.00

BON - Organic Face Toner - Jasmine Water - (Pack of 2)

Rs. 386.00

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Product description

USDA certified organic face toner, this Jasmine water is a sensual skin toner. It plays the role of a skin and mood calming spray. It endorses peace and love.

Suitable for spraying after washing the face, drying & before proceeding with your daily facial routine. You can also spray it onto your face whenever your face feels dull. It's great for when your face needs replenishment! A Great Makeup setting spray too!

Since the early days, Jasmine has been considered the King of floral oils due to its remarkable mind & body healing abilities. As Bon Organics’ Jasmine Water is made by a unique distillation method involving only water and Jasmine flower, the rejuvenating & stimulating properties are kept intact.

It helps in preventing acne, anti-aging, prevent minor septic, and harmonize the skin. In conclusion get the best result from our USDA certified organic face toner. 

Ingredients: Essential oils of Jasmine and Wild Jasmine, blended with Extract of (distilled) Jasmine petals, Demineralized water, BON’s Pure Aloe Vera gel, Essential oil of Vanilla, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin - E and Natural Preservative (Salinatural TCLS). Vegetable based Organic contents only. No Harsh Chemicals, No alcohol, No animal products, or sulfates.

  • Weight: 40ml
  • Package Contains : 2 * 40ml Jasmine Water Bottle

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