Whakato - White Silk Scarf

Rs. 9,408.00

Whakato - White Silk Scarf

Rs. 9,408.00
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Product description

Hermes white silk scarf, Throw it around your neck or over your sofa for a pop of luster. Featuring a hand twisted hem, made with responsibly sourced lotus for a softened feel.

Fabric: The fiber is sourced from a well known and certified supplier who imports the yarn from Myanmar.


  • Stitching Thread is GOTS Certified 100% Cotton thread of Hermes White Silk Scarf

End of Life: After a long life of use, repair and re-use, simply cut the garment into strips, safe for anaerobic composting at home or commercially.

Care: Fill your bucket with cold water, turn your Lotus silk item inside out, and submerge it.

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