Olive Green Ceramic Vase - Set of 2

Rs. 836.00

Olive Green Ceramic Vase - Set of 2

Rs. 836.00

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Product description

The Olive Green Ceramic Vase is a versatile and visually captivating piece of pottery. Green vase in olive hue serves as a beautiful vessel for flowers, an elegant home decor item, and an excellent gift choice. In addition, with its high-quality ceramic, striking color combination, unique design, and easy maintenance, Therefore, it's a product that combines artistry and functionality to enhance any living space.

Uses of the Product:
The Olive Green Ceramic Vase is a unique and versatile piece of pottery that can serve multiple purposes. Its main uses include:

Floral Arrangement:
Green vase in olive hue is designed to showcase the beauty of fresh or artificial flowers. Similarly, Its elegant and harmonious combination of olive green and brown colors provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for floral arrangements. 

Home Decor:
Beyond its functional use for holding flowers, this vase can be employed purely as a decorative item. Its striking color scheme and distinctive design make it an eye-catching addition to any interior. In addition, Place it on a shelf, mantelpiece, or side table to instantly elevate the decor of your home.

Gift Option:
Its elegant and timeless design suits various occasions, from housewarmings to birthdays. In addition, Gifting this vase allows the recipient to add a touch of class and elegance to their living space.

High-Quality Ceramic:
The ceramic material ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Elegant Color Combination:
The vase boasts a stunning olive green color with brown accents on the bottom. In other words, This harmonious color scheme creates a visually pleasing contrast and adds a sense of sophistication to any space.

Unique Design:
The vase's unique design is a testament to the artisan's craftsmanship. Similarly, Its striking shape and well-executed coloration set it apart from ordinary vases. For instance, making it a standout piece of pottery.

Versatile Size:
With its dimensions, this vase is suitable for various arrangements. However, Its size strikes a balance between being large enough to hold a generous bouquet and small enough to fit comfortably on most surfaces.

Easy Maintenance:
Cleaning and maintaining this ceramic vase is hassle-free. In conclusion, Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth to keep it looking as good as new.

Therefore, Elevate your decor with these elegant accents. In addition, perfect for any room.

  • Material : Ceramic/Clay
  • Color : Olive Green
  • Package Contains : 2 Vase


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