Gaia - Chocolate & Poppy seeds

Rs. 400.00

Gaia - Chocolate & Poppy seeds

Rs. 400.00
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Product description

Chocolate Soap Bar - Poppy seeds Handmade Deluxe Soap. This hand-crafted bathing bar is enriched with cococa powder from the purest beans.

It looks and smells delicious. Cococa is a natural soothing agent which reduces skin irritation. Plus, the combination of cacao and poppy makes this the perfect treat for your face and your taste buds!

Get ready to indulge in a spa experience without leaving the house! Poppy seeds act as a great scrubbing agent! Say goodbye to daily skincare routines; the combination of chocolate and poppy seeds makes this a luxurious and decadent treat that is both good for your skin and your soul. Plus, the sweet scent will make you swoon every time you take a sip!

  • Key Ingredients : Poppy seeds, cacao powder, cacao butter & Naturally coloured
  • Color : Brown
  • Material : Oils
  • Weight : 150-180gm
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