Anour - Vanilla scented Candle and Body Butter

Rs. 499.00

Anour - Vanilla scented Candle and Body Butter

Rs. 499.00

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Product description

Frosted vanilla candle, the Vanilla Scented Candle cum Body Butter is one of our most loved products. The newer and better packaging is the most appropriate gift for your loved ones. The sweet fragrance with the nourished and moisturised skin is all you can think of when we talk about this candle.

Deeply moisturising and recommended for extremely dry skin, Frosted Vanila (Candle cum Body Butter) is made of pure Shea Butter. It improves skin elasticity and massaging the wax melted from this candle helps to remove scar, cellulite & reduces stretch marks. This body butter is extra effective at rejuvenating dry skin. As the candle melts, their wax doubles as warm and moisturizing massage oil, giving an enchanting aroma. Delve into the soothing benefits of vanilla with our Frosted Vanilla Candle

  • Size: 60gms


    Sunflower seed wax, Olive oil, Almond oil, Shea butter, Vanilla extract, fragrance

    How To Use

      Step1: Light the candle body butter.

      Step2: Allow the wax to melt & enjoy the aroma.

      Step3: Pour a small amount of melted wax to your palms and gently massage onto your body spreading it evenly.

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