White Light - Affirmation Journal -100 Pages

Rs. 920.00

White Light - Affirmation Journal -100 Pages

Rs. 920.00
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Product description

Concept – Affirmations are short positive statements that are repeated to oneself (verbally or by writing down), to instill or reinforce an intention or belief; that one wants to manifest into reality.

Additionally, Affirmations work by breaking the existing negative (and often limiting) thought patterns that our mind follows, and over time, making way to newer and more positive thought-patterns. Daily journal notebook for daily journal.

Also, It is a space that your mind attunes itself, to practice affirmations every time you’re in the vicinity of the journal.

Especially, Pooja Saran is a Core Behavioral Investigator, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Master Handwriting Analyst, Body Language Trainer, NLP Practitioner, REIKI Master * an Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Coach.

Finally, How to use – This journal offers you a space to practice & even to make your own favorite affirmation/s. Daily journal notebook for daily journal.

Ensure your affirmations are in the present tense & do not include negative connotations like “not”, “never”, “don’t”, “can’t”.
Practice the affirmations like you’re living it.
Have complete faith in your affirmations. Even a drop of doubt can dilute the effectiveness of it.
Be consistent for a minimum of 21 days for them to become a part of your routine.

  • Paper quality – 100 GSM hand-made paper
  • Number of pages – 103
  • Dimensions – 19.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm(l x b x h)
  • Weight – 228 grams
  • Ruled/unruled – Unruled
  • Hardcover/paperback – Hardcover
  • Color – off-white
  • Packaging – Comes in a cloth bag
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