Gaia - Cedarwood & Oatmeal

Rs. 400.00

Gaia - Cedarwood & Oatmeal

Rs. 400.00
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Product description

Cedar Oil Soap With Oatmeal - Handmade Deluxe Soap by apple cider vinegar regulates the PH level of your skin. Removes toxins from your face. Say goodbye to those pesky toxins and hello to a glowing complexion! With Gaia's Cedarwood and Oatmeal Face Mask you can detoxify and nourish your face for a radiant, healthy look.

Benefits: It prevents acne andpimples, tones your skin, fades age spots, delays wrinkles, removes toxins from your face,heals bruises, soothes sunburn and ever glowing skin. Leave dullness behind and enjoy clear, glowing skin with the help of Gaia Cedarwood & Oatmeal!

  • Key Ingredients : French green clay, Cedarwood, clove, rolled oats & Naturally coloured
  • Color : Beidge
  • Material : Oils
  • Weight : 150-180gm
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