Econock - Armure Wristlet - Handbag

Rs. 9,500.00

Econock - Armure Wristlet - Handbag

Rs. 9,500.00
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Product description

Womens black wristlet with strap, This elegant-looking wristlet is a descendant of armour in the modern age. With profound perfection in style and completely sleek will swipe anyone off their feet!

Count on the armure wristlet for years, as it is built tough and can withstand many personalities as you teleport yourself in different professional settings! Luxury wrapped around your wrist with our Womens black wristlet with strap, . The wristlet plays along with geometry and duality, perfect for science geeks!

  • Silver-Toned Hardware
  • Dynamic leather palm cuff that could serve as a wrist strap when styled as a clutch
  • Spacious zipper compartment
  • Easy access card slots
  • Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Dimension -
    • Width: 10" Inches
    • Height: 4.5" Inches
  • Material: Sustainable Upcycled Leather
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