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best natural flea shampoo for dogs
BON - Pet Shampoo Rs. 684.00
Best natural flea shampoo for dogs, Our Pet’s shampoo is craft by specially for their fur with a herbal mix of neem oil and tea tree oil. It enhanced with natural botanical extracts to help soothe and prevent itching and skin irritations. Neem’s natural properties will reduce the risk of future itching, derma-titis that may result from insect bites. In addition, possible skin infections on both grown pets and puppies & Kittens. This effect is amplified by the tea tree oil. It makes safe for kids and babies to play freely with the pets. Its hypoallergenic formula helps keep pet and family healthy and clean. Weight: 250g
all natural dog soap
BON - Pet Soap - Set of 2 Rs. 254.00
All natural dog soap, Our organic Pet’s soap is made of certified ingredients. As much care and love as every other soap that we handcraft. To make it fun and enjoyable for your pet and for yourself. We’ve added a unique blend of organic essential oils that rescues your pet’s skin and smells pleasant. The essential oils together with pure neem oil will heal your pets. Keep them free of allergies, infections, and other possible skin conditions. By gently exfoliating and ridding bacteria, fungus, mites, yeast, and fleas. An additional benefit that comes with this beautiful soap is its portability during your travel with your pet on a holiday where you would rather not have a leaking bottle. In conclusion get the best result from our All natural dog soap. Weight: 80gm Package Contains : Set of 2

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