Zircon Bangles Designs in Sterling Silver
Unbent - Pearl wrap bangle | Gold Rs. 5,175.00
Zircon bangles designs in Sterling Silver, Simplistic bangle with Pearl and Zircon that feels weightless on your wrist. A piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and timeless perfect for any occasion. You'll be the envy of all your friends with this statement-making piece of jewellery! It's sure to make you stand out in a good way no matter where you go. A bold combination of fashion and function that shows off your style and your personality! Stone Details: Freshwater baroque Pearl and 5A quality cubic zirconia Material: Recycled Sterling Silver Size: Adjustable Color: Gold Package Contains : 1 Bangle Weight: 10grm
yellow gold bangle womens
Aaree - Luna Bangle Rs. 3,050.00
Yellow gold bangle womens is a classic bangle is both reassuring and reaffirming in equal measure. We love this bangle for its versatility. The key visual motif in this collection lies in the molten gold texture - welded and forged just for you. A signature look that's unique and enduring – you'll be turning heads in no time! And with a gold-plated alloy construction, your style will be standing the test of time. Shine as bright as the moon long after the sun has set. The beauty of the moon coming straight from heaven inspires the Luna bangle. It is carefully handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur in 18kt gold-plated brass. Material: 18kt Gold Plated Brass Size: 5.5 x 6 cm Colour: Gold Package List: 1 Bangle Weight: 19gm
Noyra - Twin Souls Bangles - Meraki Lifestyle
Noyra - Twin Souls Bangles Rs. 4,250.00
Buy Motif Bangle - Imitation Bangles - Twin Souls symbolises two birds who stay in pairs while visiting gardens. The perfect combo for all your lovebirds - they won't ever go apart! Perfect for showing your commitment to you and your special someone. The motif bangle - Imitation Bangles - Twin Souls symbolises a strong soulmate in the form of a friend, a sibling or a lover. The Twin Souls Bangle is created by hand in brass alloy , with textured glass beads. A piece of jewelry that celebrates not just romance, but every type of connection worth celebrating. With its unique design and craftsmanship, this is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for someone special. Dimensions - Diameter: 2.6'' Weight : 11 gms Color : Gold, Green Material : Glass, Brass Plating: Micron (18k gold), Nickel-free & Lead-free
gold plated bangles indian
Noyra - Gold Plated Greek Column B... Rs. 3,250.00
Gold Plated Bangles Indian -  Column Bangle draws inspiration from the ruins of Greek Columns in gardens and is meticulously handcrafting the Greek Column Bangle using brass This stylish bangle has a unique look that will add a bit of ancient mystery to any outfit. Look good and be the envy of your friends! This timeless piece of jewelry is perfect for any special occasion - it's sure to make you feel one-of-a-kind and head-turningly fabulous! Get ready to experience the royal treatment! it's an eye-catching accessory that never goes out of style! Dimensions -Diameter: 2.6'' Weight : 12 gms Plating: Micron (18k gold), Nickel-free & Lead-free Color : Gold Material : Brass Alloy  
peridot bangle bracelet
Noyra - Chahar Bagh Bangle - Peridot Rs. 3,950.00
Peridot bangle bracelet with gold finish is Chahar Bagh Bangle represents as well aligned trees using geometry in the mughal garden. This handcrafted bangle is forged in brass, with melon shaped peridot glass beads. Adornments: Melon shaped peridot glass beads Festooned with melon-shaped beads, Peridot bangle bracelet with gold finish adds a touch of peridot pizzazz to any outfit! A shining example of style and craftsmanship. Make a luxurious statement with this eye-catching accessory! Wear it as a reminder of your own unique and timeless beauty. Dimensions -Diameter: 2.6'' Color : Gold, Green Material : Glass, Brass Alloy Plating: Micron (18k gold), Nickel-free & Lead-free Metal : Brass Weight : 14 gms  
freshwater pearl bangle with star charm
Noyra - Omega Nebula Bangle - 1 Bi... Rs. 3,950.00
the freshwater pearl bangle with a star charm, crafted from hand-beaten brass and adorned with gold plating. The Omega Nebula is a vast interstellar cloud of dust and gas giving birth to young, hot suns. It spans some 15 light-years in diameter. Feshwater pearl bangle with star charm is one of the many glorious celestial objects in the region of the heavens.The Omega Nebula Bangle captures the celestial essence in the form of a hand beaten brass bangle with gold plating (micron), a unique freshwater iridescent pearl and a star charm. Dimensions - Diameter: 2.6'' Weight : 9gms Color : Gold Material : Stone: Freshwater pearl, Brass Plating: Micron (gold)
baroque pearl earrings india
Noyra - Trifid Nebula Bangle - 2 P... Rs. 3,950.00
Buy Baroque Pearl Earrings India - The Trifid Nebula is a large star-forming, reflection nebula in the constellation Sagittarius.  The Baroque Pearl Earrings India - Trifid Nebula Bangle captures the celestial essence in the form of a hand beaten brass alloy bangle with gold plating (rose gold), 2 unique freshwater iridescent pearls and a star charm. It's out of this world - the perfect way to add celestial charm and a touch of glamour to any look. No need to worry about fading - each bangle is carefully coated to ensure its beauty lasts for generations! Plus, it's lightweight and comfortable enough for wear all day long. Dimensions -Diameter: 2.6'' Weight : 8 gms Color : Rose Gold Material : Brass ; Stone: Freshwater Pearl Plating : Rose gold - Micron
Nine Vice - Natya Bangle
Nine Vice - Natya Bangle Rs. 6,200.00
Designer charm bangle bracelets, Our courtesan sits proudly on this bracelet-bangle that celebrates her old world charms. Her femininity blends beautifully with its modern lines, and her carefully handcrafted sculpture is rich in detail. The craftsmanship brings to life every fold in her clothing, every curve, even the expressive tilt of her head. Twist this open bracelet-bangle onto your hand as an elegant accessory with any outfit. It is simple, no-fuss, perfect for the office also - and a conversation starter wherever it's worn. The Bangle/Bracelet is free size/adjustable - open at the top. It is 18Kt Gold plated using a technique that doesn't let the plating wear off. Length - 2 inch Width - 0.3 inch Metal - 18Kt Gold plated brass.  Stone - Semi precious stones - Golden Citrine Color - Gold Package Contains : 1 Bangle Weight : 15gms   

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