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Handcrafted Jewelleries

Necklaces Earrings Bracelets Rings
"You Know you need one more." A step toward sustainable fashion. Bags that Upcycled, Eco-Friendly yet uber cool!


Shikargah Handbag | Designer Shoulder Bag for Women | Black |
Econock - Shikargah Handbag Rs. 8,500.00
Upcycled eco friendly handbags Black and gold is name as "Shikargah" is an ode to the spirit of hunting. Being descendants of hunter-gatherers ourselves, the predatory spirit flows across our veins. Upcycled eco friendly handbags Black and gold is time to tap into the wild side and flaunt your inner predator with this stylish "Shikargah bag". Show off your inner hunter-gatherer with a touch of modern panache! With a gold embellishment of the Tuskon lord to enhance its significance, with comfortable leather spread across the inner compartments. This handbag offers regal class and top-tier comfort. Have your own little corner of luxury to take wherever you go! Features - Gold-Toned Hardware Top-handle bucket bag Open-top for easy access. It comes in a muslin dust-sleeve Dimension - Width: 9.5" Inches Height: 9" Inches Material: Sustainable Upcycled Leather
Black and white mini tote bag for women from Shop Meraki
Econock - Audrey Mini Tote Rs. 12,500.00
The leather mini tote bag is a tote of illusion and duality! For anyone who wants to be hypnotised by the existence of craftsmanship, then this bag is meant for you! Audrey's mini tote will urge you to ponder upon internal and external reflections. While you mirror your relationship with the universe, hold onto our leather mini tote bag - Audrey mini tote bag to accompany you along the way. Silver-Toned Hardware Front pocket with magnetic flap closure Open-top for easy access. Secure interior zip pocket It comes in a muslin dust-sleeve Dimension - Width: 12.5" Inches Height: 13" Inches Material: Sustainable Upcycled Leather
Econock - Sai Satchel - Meraki
Econock - Sai Satchel Rs. 9,800.00
Medium satchel crossbody bag, A satchel that represents divinity and resembles the one who strives. Our Sai satchel has inspiration driven by a structured form of utility. Place the satch like a warrior across your back with a gold motif. Medium satchel crossbody bag is satchel has a structured silhouette. Yet still, it's super lightweight! With convenience and style all rolled into one, this bag is the ultimate accessory for the modern adventurer. You'll be sure to make a statement with its effortless chic vibes. Plus, it's totally okay to take this one off the beaten path, it's built to take on whatever comes its way! Gold-Toned Hardware. Magnetic flap closure. Back pocket for cards, keys and currency. Inner zipper pocket. Equipped with an adjustable cross-body strap. It comes in a muslin dust-sleeve. Dimension - Width: 7.5" Inches Height: 17" Inches Material: Sustainable Upcycled Leather
Stylish Leather Wallets and Clutches for Women | Shop Meraki
Econock - Armure Wristlet - Handbag Rs. 9,500.00
Womens black wristlet with strap, This elegant-looking wristlet is a descendant of armour in the modern age. With profound perfection in style and completely sleek will swipe anyone off their feet! Count on the armure wristlet for years, as it is built tough and can withstand many personalities as you teleport yourself in different professional settings! Luxury wrapped around your wrist with our Womens black wristlet with strap, . The wristlet plays along with geometry and duality, perfect for science geeks! Silver-Toned Hardware Dynamic leather palm cuff that could serve as a wrist strap when styled as a clutch Spacious zipper compartment Easy access card slots Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap Dimension - Width: 10" Inches Height: 4.5" Inches Material: Sustainable Upcycled Leather
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